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Explore stunning sights and spectacles created by festival artists and body painters

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All festival goers:

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Emily Wood from

Cabasa Carnival Arts

Body painting demos

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Junior festival goers:

Create a festival face design that you would like to wear using this face template:

Older festival goers:

Create a full costume for a festival goer using these body and welly templates (and face template above):

Junior festival goers:

  • Look at these beautiful festival face painting ideas Here 

  • Check out these realistic hand paintings – how many animals can you spot? Here

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Older festival goers:


  • Take a look at these masks from different parts of the world Here

  • Watch this great short masked theatre clip by VAMOS theatre company Here

  • Is it OK to wear items from a different culture i.e. henna tattoo at a festival, or is that cultural appropriation?  What does cultural appropriation mean – explore Here and Here

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  • Look at the make up design for WICKED the musical Here

  • Check out special effects make up Here

  • Listen to these costume designers talk about their jobs Here and Here

  • Find out about the job of a make up artist Here and Here 


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