Curious Collections

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Welcome to the world of wonderful, weird and amazing collections. Check out collector Johnny Woodham’s fantastic collections and ways you can create artworks based on your collections.

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All festival goers:

Museums are places that house collections. Check out a range of museums from around the world - Here


Junior festival goers:

  • Have a look at a range of collections such as; the crown jewels Here or football shirts Here or Harry Potter memorabilia Here

  • Collect some colours and go on a colour walk with TATE Kids Here

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Older festival goers:


  • Photographer Caroline South collected items off the beach and arranged them in colours order Here

  • Check out these colour wheels created from ‘found objects’ around the house Here

  • See what the job of a curator (the person organising and up-keeping collections in museums and galleries) involves Here

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Johnny Woodhams

Introducing Collections

Creating Artworks from Collections

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Junior festival goers:

Create a collection and arrange it carefully and photograph it.

Older festival goers:

Think about how many collections you already have – photos? music – playlist? clothes? films? books?


If you were to create a brochure about your collection, what would it look like? You could use PowerPoint Here, word or a hand written document with images hand drawn or photos and collage stuck in. 

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