Dance tent

Welcome to the tent that moves and grooves!

Check out BBoy, Nathan's scientific exploration of break-dancing and Shanelle'S introduction to Voguing and Waacking.

All festival goers:

  • Check out this fabulous 'sofa dance' film on YouTube made by 30 acrobats

Junior festival goers:

Have a look at these dance styles through the ages - which is your favourite?

Spot the patterns and shapes that the bodies and lights make Here

N.B. links to YouTube


Shanelle intoduces Vogueing and Waacking and some basic moves

A lengthier routine

Junior festival goers:

Watch the Sofa Dance in Have A Look Links, then create your own sofa dance routine.

Older festival goers:

Find a dance style/piece of dance that catches your eye – research music videos, adverts with dance in them

e.g. Here and Here and dance films such as Singing in the Rain and Step Up.

N.B. links to YouTube


Older festival goers:

  • Check out BalletBoyz brilliant dance resources Here 

  • Look at this great bath tub alternative to Swan Lake filmed by dancers in lockdown, spot the symmetry and patterns Here

  • See amazing dance and digital mapping Here

N.B. links to YouTube


Breakdancing and artful science meet as Nathan explores centripedal and centrifugal force, centre of gravity, inertia and torque through breakdancing.

N.B. highly physical activities. If attempting, please ensure adult supervision at all times and a safe space. If in doubt, leave it out.



Centrifugal & Centripedal

See how these dancers started their careers Here and Here

Watch Shanelle’s interview on our Connect & Create pages Here


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