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Welcome to the Artslink Awesome Arts Festival. We've something here for everyone, and will be introducing you to some artists, artforms and activities you might not have come across before.

Here in Festival HQ we introduce you to what it's like to organise and run a festival.

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All festival goers:

Take a look at this calendar of festivals from around the world during the year

Check out these festivals that take place in England:

Younger festival goers:

Organising a festival


Festivals can be fun, frantic, weird and wonderful. 

Imagine organising a new year’s party for friends and years later running a national music festival for 20,000 people to attend. Meet Hamish Pinkham, co-founder and director of Rhythm & Vines, an internationally known music festival based in New Zealand. Listen to his story and tips for any budding festival organisers. 

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What Hamish has learnt:

  • ‘Give It A Go’ – take the first step.

  • Stay committed and ‘stick to your guns’.  Don’t give up

  • Know you will come across negativity.

  • Stay clear with your vision

  • Surround yourself with good people with good energy.

  • Ask for help

  • Creativity can be a scary thing, paddling into the unknown

  • Find people who you can learn from – find a mentor

  • Share your dream with others

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Junior festival goers:

  • Create your own festival den here (YouTube)

  • Artworks exist around festival sites, check out Glastonbury’s bin painters on YouTube here.  Can you decorate your household bins (ask first!!)?

Older festival goers:

  • Take inspiration from Freedom Festival to create design your own mini festival

  • Design your own festival lanyards and VIP passes

Older festival goers:

  • What is involved in organising a 3 day festival? Watch this short film on YouTube which explains the behind the scenes action. 

  • Watch the site build for Glastonbury Festival on YouTube Here

  • Find out how to become a festival builder Here

  • Recycling and environmental issues are a big issue and challenge for festivals – see how they tackle this at Glastonbury Festival on YouTube Here

  • Logos and the look of a festival are important for marketing and advertising it. Have a look at these logos below – which catch your eye?

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Fireworks are often used to celebrate the opening of festivals – check out the science of fireworks and the ways nature creates light below.

Take a look at images, stage designs and fashions from Glastonbury Festivals over the years from the V&A collection Here

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See how to become a festival director Here

And of course Hamish’s film is all about that!


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