Music tent

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Explore a tent of beats,

rhythm and song

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Junior festival goers:

  • Check out these instruments from different parts of the world on YouTube Here

  • Choose a different tune each day with this fantastic range of Live Music Now musicians Here


Older festival goers:


  • A basic introduction to aspects of DJing Here

  • A technical introduction to DJing Here

  • Check out what fusion music is Here

  • And listen to the amazing fusion of latin and celtic music from Salsa Celtica Here

N.B. links to YouTube

Mason Le Long

Create sweet beats on your phone using a free app

Older festival goers: create a whole song using Apple GarageBand

Fox & Roche

Younger festival goers: songs from different parts of the world, using ukulele, guitar, accordion, harp, drum and voice

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Junior festival goers:

Learn some songs from different parts of the world. If you like, head over to our Creative Challenges page at Connect & Create and go to Get Vocal to learn a couple of world music songs.

Older festival goers:

Create a playlist that will uplift a festival crowd and get people dancing! Create another that will relax and soothe a crowd. If you could programme your ideal music festival, who would be performing?



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