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Enter the palace full of poetry, a whirlwind of words and imagination. Write a rap with Spoz and try Jas Gardosi’s spoken word quiz. Hear professional poets’ work and artists’ feedback on young poets work from Sandwell.

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Junior festival goers:

Take a look at these great poems by Spoz that have been transformed into a manga style comic books:

  • The House Fly illustrated by artist Purrl Pankras with accompanying noises!

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Poetry and chat for younger festival goers

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Junior festival goers:

Create a rhyme, riddle or rap. Record yourself performing it.

Older festival goers:

Choose a poem (your own work or an existing one you like) and create a short film including shots of you performing it, and other images linked to the words in the poem.

Older festival goers:

Lemn Sissay spent many years of his childhood in care. He is now a world-renowned poet:

  • Lemn talks about the importance of everyday acts of creativity Here

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Jas Gardosi

For older festival goers

1. Intro

2. Poem - The Battle of the Junior Library

3. Spoken Word Quiz

4. Female Fight Club


Young Poets

5 young poets from Sandwell - Sharday, Manny, Samanta, Finn and Holly - sent us their poems based on the theme of ‘Lockdown’. So we asked 3 experts to read their poems and give feedback.


Hear them read by Therese Collins - Actress/Scriptwriter, Matt Windle- Poet/Former Poet Laureate, and Tonia Campbell-Daley- Actor/Producer/Agent and see what they thought about the poems.


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