Puppetry tent


Puppets come in all shapes and sizes, from giant to finger size, and can be serious and funny. Explore this tent and see ways that puppets can tell stories, create havoc, and even take over a city!

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All festival goers:


Older festival goers:

  • Watch these fantastic gigantic puppets operated by teams of humans, which took over Liverpool City centre and docks Here

  • Check out how Birmingham’s Autin Dance company are using puppets in their latest commission ‘Out of the Deep Blue’ Here

  • Take a look at volunteering opportunities with The Fetch Theatre Company, Herefordshire Here

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Tess Hills - Curious Cargo

An intro to puppetry and shadow puppetry

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Junior festival goers:

  • Think of any TV programmes or stories with puppets in e.g. Pinocchio.  Find out about different kinds of puppets including shadow puppets and also sock puppet, rod puppet, glove puppet. Have a go at making 2 types.

  • How many different kinds of puppets can you spot in this short film? Here

Older festival goers:

Puppets have been used in several West End shows such as The Lion King and War Horse.  Design a puppet based on a character (animal, human or other), from your favourite film, book, TV show. 

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Junior festival goers:

  • Take a look at these wonderful puppet performances and activities from Beverley Puppet Festival 2020 Here

  • Look at the beautiful shadow puppetry created by Indigo Moon Theatre Here

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Check out the job of a puppeteer Here and Here (YouTube)

Watch Tess's interview on our Connect & Create pages Here


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