Street Theatre

Enter the extraordinary world of street theatre, where imagination and magical sights and sounds mingle

All festival goers:

Take a look at some of these amazing walkabout acts (some YouTube links) - click the images.


  • Check out Lost Luggage Porters Here

  • Check out Lollipop Patrol Here

  • Check out Granny Turismo Here


Junior festival goers:

Granny Turismo’s gangsta granny characters are similar to the idea of pantomime dames. Have a look at:

Older festival goers:

Check out these fantastic walkabout collections from Glastonbury Festival on YouTube​ ​Here and Here

Curious Cargo

Meet street performer Tess Hills from Curious Cargo, and hear how she developed acts including life-size puppets (complete with sounds and smells), luminous lollipop ladies and silent lost luggage porters.

Larkin' About

& Granny Turismo

See how Ric Taylor created 3 acts from transforming a segway, how he started as a juggler and has learned new things about himself and his love of making people laugh for a living. 

Junior festival goers:

Look at different street acts Here . Can you find one that:

  •  involves pretend animals?

  •  involves circus skills ?

  •  is funny?

Older festival goers:

Create a street act that you would like to see or be in. What would the main skill or feature be? e.g. juggling, music, comedy

  • What would the costume look like?

  • Would you need to design any equipment?

Find out how people became professional Street Performers on YouTube Here

Watch Tess’s film on our Connect & Create pages Here


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