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Colour, characters and creativity are whisked together in stunning festival parades. Take a peek inside the workshop of Hand Made Parade, and see how recycled materials can be transformed into beautiful artworks. Check out cool graffiti images by Trik09/Bboy (aka Leigh Redhead).

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All festival goers:

  • On average, music festivals generate 23,500 tonnes of waste, including plastic bottles, food containers, food waste, clothing and abandoned tents. Check out how Glastonbury deal with festival waste on YouTube: Glastonbury Festival waste

  • Check out 'The Festival of Thrift' Here for ideas for upcycling, and wonderful free activity packs to download Here

Junior festival goers:

Kerith Ogden,

Handmade Parade

A look inside creating artwork for festival parades


Older festival goers:


Check out how artists recycle rubbish and make stunning artworks:

  • Is graffiti art or vandalism?  Check out its history Here

  • Does this street art ruin or improve the area look Here

  • See how artists have turned pandemic struggles into street murals Here

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Festivals often feature live graffiti walls. Trik09 is the tag name for graffiti artist Leigh Redhead. He uses his fabulous art skills to create powerful messages to support movements such as Black Lives Matter. Trik09 has worked in several countries Portugal, America, Scotland and England. His work is a blended style using elements of anime, manga, Disney and classic ‘old school’ B-Boy graffiti characters.

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Junior festival goers:

Have a go at creating these festival parade pieces from Handmade Parade:

Older festival goers:

Create some upcycled pieces 180 Recycle Ideas or upcycled fashion Trash2Trends or design your own festival graffiti wall.



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