Love doesn't have

to be perfect,

it just has to be true

Ready to be our guest?

Follow these steps for a fantastic Beauty and the Beast experience

Brought to you by Artslink and the West Midlands Virtual Schools CIC Foundation

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Step 1

Watch this introduction to the Disney Cruise Line production you're about to see

Be Our Guest

Step 2

Join our vocal leader Ula to learn some lines from the songs so you can join in!

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Tale As Old As Time

Step 3


N.B. this is a 20-minute highlights screening


Step 4

Tell us what you thought:

Have you seen the original Beauty and the Beast animated movie, or the 2017 live action remake with Emma Watson? If so, which did you prefer?


Step 5

Now over to you! Give these activities a go...

Make your own Enchanted Rose

with Artslink Artist Claire Witcomb

Any problems streaming? See our troubleshooting tips below.

Painted Pages (if you don't have coloured paper)


Bottle Cloche

SAFETY: requires use of a sharp object - adult supervision essential

Rose Stem

Paper Rose

Go inside the magic (aka behind the scenes)

Have a great big Beauty and the Beast singalong!


Be Our Guest


Tale As Old As Time

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