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career pathways

Ever wonder how artists got to be where they are today? Wondering about a career in the arts yourself? Find out about some of the many paths into the arts & cultural sector.

Artist Journeys

Adrian Burrows - photographer, film-maker

Adrian recounts the thrill of discovering how to make photos in a dark room, which set him on a path to becoming a successful professional photographer, and more recently, film-maker.

Ruairie Edwards - pianist, choir leader

Ruairie talks about his early love of lots of different types of music, which led to him making a commitment to becoming a musician. He talks about what it's like being a professional pianist and choir accompanist, and how this led to him becoming a choir leader.

Sophie Burrows - animator, film-maker

Sophie introduces what it's like to work as an animator, and points out that you often learn more from your mistakes than the things that go to plan!

Johnny Woodhams - artist, musician, writer, collector

Johnny talks about the ups and downs of being an artist, and about how he had no idea when he was younger about the types of work you can do as an artist.

Tonia talks about the value of finding a local youth drama group if you want to develop your acting skills.

Tonia Daley-Campbell - actor

David talks about early inspiration from hip-hop which led to him building a graffiti art business, using the hardships he's experienced as motivation to achieve success. He also talks about how to come up with your own tag.

David Brown - graffiti artist
Dimitri Ogden - circus artist

Dimitri introduces the amazing work he does, and how he has built his range of circus skills over a period of years, so that now he travels the world. And it all started with juggling balls.

Vimal Korpal - actor & radio presenter

Vimal talks about the importance of believing in and being proud of yourself, as well as loads of patience and a passion for what you do.

Nathan Geering - dancer & Flow artist

Nathan talks about the resilience and passion which are essentials of succeeding in working in the field of phyressive arts.

Tess Hills - community artist & maker

Tess talks about her early career in theatre and television, and about discovering a love of puppeteering, as well as describing her current work as a community artist and street theatre artist.

Claire Witcomb - visual artist

Claire talks about her influences when she was young, and range of skills you need to succeed as a visual artist.

Ula Weber - vocal leader

Ula talks about how she's loved singing since she was a child, and what it's like to be a conductor. You can see Ula in action with community choir CBSO SO Vocal on this YouTube video.

Shanelle Clemenson - dance artist

Shanelle talks about life as a freelance dance artist, originally inspired by African dance and music videos.

Jamie Neville - illustrator

Hear about Jamie's artistic influences, and about what a career as an illustrator looks like.

Sarah Westwood - drummer

Sarah talks about falling in love with West African drumming, and about the need to be always learning new skills in order to run a successful business.

Jon the Potter

Find out about the lightbulb moment that made Jon choose a career in art & design, and about the skills he thinks you need to succeed in a career as an artist.

Matt Windle - Poet with Punch

Discover Matt's unconventional career pathway to becoming both Birmingham Poet Laureate and ranked 6th super flyweight boxer in Britain.

Mark Anderson - Infuse Dance

Find out how Mark has built a successful career as a dancer, dance leader, photographer and film-maker.

Careers in Arts & Culture

Camera people

Take a look at this article which explains the different roles and responsibilities of different camera people working on a film.

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Working in the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House offer a great range of short films for young people. Children meet a range of performers and back stage staff. Click here

sydney opera house.png

See and hear a choreographer at work at the National Theatre’s production of NT ‘Follies’. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Theatre jobs

Behind the scenes at the National Theatre - see the many job roles involved in a performance. Click here.

National Theatre.jpg
Cruise Ship Musicians

Hear about the life of musicians who are performers on a cruise ship in this short film on YouTube

Cruise band.JPG

Check out this useful website which gives

insights into a whole range of creative careers.

Creative Careers
Working in Music Theatre

Find out about 10 different jobs in the world of music theatre production from the New York Film Academy.

Working at The Curve, Leicester

Hear from the technical team at Leicester's Curve Theatre - see the film at the bottom of the page.