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Filming with your Phone

Top tips from BBC Young Reporters scheme

Online Lettering/Graphics game

Have a play at this game from Selfridge’s ‘Creativity is Not Cancelled’ in partnership with design company Hato.

Filming underwater

Blue Planet II cameraman Roger Munns gives an interview. Don't try this at home!

Studio Ghibli Museum

Some short films giving a glimpse into the beautiful interior of this museum in Japan.

N.B. YouTube

Coronavirus Time Capsule

Bubble Young People's Theatre have created a Young Theatre Makers' Video Time Capsule.

Fancy becoming an animator?

Have a look at this film to get some starting tips.

Animation at Home

Unicorn Theatre offer this ‘How to make an animation at home’ film to get you animating using simple paper collage and stop motion techniques

N.B. YouTube

Behind Anime

Take a look behind the scenes of this anime production Chihayafuru. See how many storyboards and drawings it takes to create a few seconds of animation.

N.B. YouTube

Phantom Rides

Into Film offer this short filmic introduction into ‘phantom rides’ – journeys filmed by a camera at the front of the person/car/cable car/train moving.

Video Time Capsules

Watch these funny, poignant films by teenagers from Company 3 who are creating video time capsules to capture their time in lock-down.

N.B. YouTube

Into Film

A choice of resources to give you insight into the world of film - including costume design templates and review writing dice!

Photography styles

Check out these 11 types of photography. Which catch your eye? What kind of photographer are you?

Digital Puppetry

Take a look at this short fascinating introduction to digital puppetry by Jim Henson company.

N.B. YouTube

Free storyboard templates

Produced by Creately, and great for planning a film.

Photography tips

Artist Emma Majury gives tips on photographing movement here.

British Wildlife Photography

Stunning images to admire.​


Children & Young People: please make sure you stay physically safe when doing any of the activities, and check with an adult before starting, as Artslink can't accept liability for any damage to yourself or property!

Children & Young People and key adults: please be aware of the importance of e-safety.

We strongly recommend the Thinkuknow e-safety website.