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Chrome Music Lab

Check out Chrome music lab free software to create a range of sounds, beats and songs.

African & South American drums

The Kennedy Centre offer an introduction to the Cajon drum and the djembe drum, and learn to play a funga rhythm.

The Kitchen Beat Sequencer

A fun musical game from Rob Kitchen to play on your kitchen table with everyday objects.

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Everyday Found Sounds

Have a look at these BBC short films on creating music with everyday found sounds.

Star Wars: how John Williams composes a theme

A look inside one of the greatest soundtracks of all time, in particular exploring the use of themes or ‘leitmotifs’ (short themes associated with a particular person, idea, or situation) to draw the viewer in to the action.

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Creating a rap

Check out this feature on the BBC

Starting on the guitar

Got a guitar in the house? This YouTube Kids beginners’ lesson by Andy Guitar gets you strumming along to songs within 15 minutes.

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Singing for Younger Children

Check out these top tips for singing for younger children from Gareth Malone

Gospel music

Have a listen and take a look at this introduction to gospel music, its origins and features such as soloists, harmony, piano accompaniment and a cappella sections.

Create your own score

Can you create a visual music score? Yes you can! Birmingham Contemporary Music Group show you how.

Body Percussion

Fancy making your own body beat? Watch Olly from Beat Goes On

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BBC Bitesize

Top tips on on singing as a performer.

Listen to the instruments in the orchestra

Great introduction for primary aged children.

Berklee students create a virtual band & choir

Lots of musical groups have overcome Coronavirus isolation by creating virtual groups. This performance, by students of Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, of What the World Needs Now is Love is one of the best, and is well worth a watch. Sing along!

Opera sessions for young people with SEND

From English Touring Opera - creatively play with rhythm, sound and song

Make and play Salsa percussion

From our friends at Severn Arts, enjoy creating Salsa percussion instruments and learrning to play Salsa beats and rhythms with Glamba.

Music with Dan

Musician Dan from Make Some Noise in Staffordshire gives this brilliant introduction to making music on a keyboard - and you don't even need a keyboard!

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Trinity's Rock & Pop practice room

2 professional singers describe a range of songs and explain the challenges and opportunities with each. An interesting listen for any budding singers.

The Voices Foundation virtual singing assembly

Energise your day with these brilliant 10-minute singing sessions from the Voices Foundation team.

West Midlands Music

March was the West Midlands' Big Month of Music. Their YouTube channel features some clips of schools taking part in the Big Sing, plus you can join in with songs set by the Ex Cathedra Education Team (wearing pink t-shirts).

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Children & Young People: please make sure you stay physically safe when doing any of the activities, and check with an adult before starting, as Artslink can't accept liability for any damage to yourself or property!

Children & Young People and key adults: please be aware of the importance of e-safety.

We strongly recommend the Thinkuknow e-safety website.