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Artslink's Herefordshire & Worcestershire Poetry Project 2021


Without it we won't last long, so let's celebrate what we eat!

Have a go at writing a rhyming couplet and we'll mix it into a

giant poem.

Have you checked out Matt Windle's guide to writing rhyming couplets?

If not, pop back to the poetry page to watch his film, then click the box with this theme to come back.

First up, try this practice game

See if you can make a couplet that rhymes and makes sense from dropdown choices

(hint - you might find it easier to start with the rhyming boxes (c) and work backwards)


Now it's your turn

Create and send us your own food-themed rhyming couplet:

  • Below there are 2 options to choose from - go with whichever you feel comfortable with, or you could try both.

  • Once you've written your couplet/s, make sure you choose a pen name (further down) then click Submit. If you don't we won't get your couplet/s!

  • And don't forget to try the other poetry themes if you'd like to write more. Click the boxes at the top of this page to go to the other themes.

Option 1 - write your own food-themed couplet, but with some help on rhyming works

Choose your rhyming words first, then work backwards


Option 2 - write your own food-themed couplet from scratch

Select your Pen Name

before you submit:

Pick your birthday date

Pick your first initial


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