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Protean Art's Art Lounge

Term time Art Lounge is suitable for students KS3, GCSE, A level, and above who want to complete their art homework, coursework, or any student who would like to practice their artistic skills.

Garrick Theatre, Lichfield

Performances, events

Make Some Noise

Music projects and events

Tamworth Assembly Rooms

Events, performances

Entrust Music Services

Music lessons, Events

Konflux Theatre

Projects, summer school

New Vic Theatre

Performances, backstage tours, events, drama clubs

Tamworth Castle

Historic place to visit, events.

Staffordshire Museums

Places of interest to visit, events.

Fired Up Theatre Company

Performances, events

Litfest, Tamworth

Literature festival, events

Here's a sample of some of the arts organisations in Staffs....

From your Virtual School

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What does your Virtual School believe that ARTS (music, dance, drama, art, literature, digital, etc) and CULTURE (museums, libraries, historic places of interest etc) offer your young people?

The chance to try new things, explore different interests and have some fun! There is something out there for everyone, just need to find the thing for you. It ca be a chance to escape and lose yourself or for you to learn new things outside of the classroom.

Describe / list your Virtual School’s local arts and cultural offer. Are there any arts & cultural organisations/venues/events you’d particularly recommend for care experienced young people in your area?

  • Music project – writing and singing

  • Artslink website with various opportunities in the Arts

  • Arts Award opportunities

  • Music lessons

  • WMVS CIC Foundation: YouTube channel

  • Links to early years activities in Lichfield

  • Links to other Virtual Schools' offers around the West Midlands

  • If children want an opportunity – we will find one!

Any particularly effective or successful partnerships and projects that you currently have/previously have had with local artists or arts organisations?

  • Working with Artslink [that's us!]

  • Previous partnerships with Lichfield Garrick Theatre with film project

  • Xmas party offer with artists – jeweller & potter

What local arts events or venues are you personally looking forward to visiting once they open after the latest lockdown?

Theatre, ballet, concerts – cant wait to do them all again!

Any arts & culture recommendations from young people linked to your Virtual School?

Antony (16) recommends Make Some Noise

Erin (12) recommends Graffiti and other activities on Artslink website [this]

What other arts & cultural stuff is available in your area?

There's a whole list of stuff on Staffordshire in local links as well as an interview with our Virtual School's Arts Ambassador. Take a look!

IMG_1327 (1).JPG
Jenny Mawdsley.jpg

Q: What was the first live music gig/concert you went to?

Lesley: Wet, Wet, Wet

Jenny: My first classical concert was in the early 80’s when I went to see Anna Markland play the piano. She had just won Young Musician of the Year and was a total inspiration to the 9 year old me. My first gig back in 1990 was seeing EMF in Liverpool, it was ‘unbelievable’….

Q: If you were in a film or story, which character would you like to be?

Lesley: Baby - Dirty Dancing

Jenny: If I was in a film or story I would be Tonks from the Harry Potter series. I love the magical world that JK Rowling created and would have loved to have attended Hogwarts.

Q: Quick fire questions: choose one option for each quick fire question. Would you prefer to…

  • Dance or watch TV? Lesley: Watch TV; Jenny: As I have two left feet I would have to choose TV

  • Art gallery or cinema? Lesley: Cinema; Jenny: Depends on what is on at the cinema!

  • Be in a performance or be in the audience? Lesley: Audience these days, but used to be performance; Jenny: I’m terrible at being in the audience, would much rather be in the performance.


What is your favourite arts activity to do ?

Lesley: West End Theatre

Jenny: My favourite arts activity is music, and I am lucky that I have turned what was a hobby into my career. I am a music teacher but love playing in bands and orchestras in my spare time, and have really missed making music with others during Covid.


We asked Lesley Gill - arts lead for Staffordshire Virtual School - and Jenny Mawdsley - arts lead for Stoke Virtual School - about their arts interests:

Meet your Virtual Schools' Arts Champions