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Meet our latest featured artists and have a go at the Give it a Go and Go and Look creative challenges.

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This week's artist is vocal leader Ula Weber. Ula builds on Sarah Westwood's drumming workshop from a few weeks back by sharing some songs that combine with the drum rhythms. Piano by Rauiri Edwards.

GIVE IT A GO - Get Vocal 1

by Ula Weber

After an energetic warm-up, learn this funky East African song, Jambo. You can also play an audio track to sing along to, and there's a wordsheet:

Jambo DEMO

Commissioned from Ula Weber for streaming by Artslink Connect & Create participants only. Please do not use for any other purpose.

GIVE IT A GO - Get Vocal 2

by Ula Weber

Another energetic warm-up, followed by a beautiful song, Bele Mama. You can sing along to the audio track, and there are instructions for recording your own round:

Commissioned from Ula Weber for streaming by Artslink Connect & Create participants only. Please do not use for any other purpose.

Bele Mama DEMO

On our career pathways page Ula talks about her work as a vocal leader.

GO & LOOK Challenge

Animal Sculptures
  • Look at these incredible beautiful breeds of bird: Click Here

  • Artist Patrick Cabral creates intricate portraits of endangered species by cutting paper: Click Here

  • Take a look at paper artist Lisa Price who used nature as a focus for her paper sculptures and 3-dimensional pictures: Click Here

  • Artist Brian Mock makes sculptures from nuts, bolts and other recycled material: Click Here

  • Here’s some simple craft bugs using items from the garden: Click here

  • Here are some guides for making simple origami (paper folding) animals:


Can you create a creature or creatures (real or imaginary) using different materials:


  • A creature using leaves, stones, sticks

  • A creature using paper - folding it, cutting it, drawing on it

  • A creature using recycled materials - cardboard, junk mail, drink cartons

Share your work in ways that suit you - in person or online. We'd love to see them, so if you'd like to send them to us for our Gallery: click here.

Next steps

Research how paper can be used to create art here. Research artists who use recycled materials to create sculptures. Find out about different paper techniques including as quilling, origami, paper cutting, paper dyeing.


Children & Young People: please make sure you stay physically safe when doing any of the activities, and check with an adult before starting, as Artslink can't accept liability for any damage to yourself or property!

Children & Young People and key adults: please be aware of the importance of e-safety.

We strongly recommend the Thinkuknow e-safety website.

Artslink is a programme by West Midlands Virtual Schools, co-funded by Arts Connect. It aims to ensure that

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