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Critical Mass 2022

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300 young people aged 16-30 are being offered the chance to perform at a variety of events in 2022 including the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

This bold and ambitious project invites 300 young people to be a part of a dance and movement collective where participants will learn new dance styles, meet other young dancers and work with professional dancers to create and participate in a wide variety of performances.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in some of the biggest events of 2022. Find out more and sign up at

An inspiring and entertaining virtual experience for care experienced young people across the UK. Be Inspired seeks to Inspire, Empower and Equip care experienced young people, who want to take hold of their future, learn about different career opportunities and connect with each other.

Click here to find out more and sign up.

Be Inspired - 30 July 2021​

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Look Local

- arts for you across the West Midlands -


With lockdown finally starting to ease, it's a good time to look at opportunities in your area to get involved in arts & culture, and find something you're skilled at or passionate about.

So we've asked our Virtual Schools to tell us about their arts & cultural offer, and will be sharing these with you over coming weeks - on this page and then in local links.

Can't find your local area yet? See what's already listed in local links. And why not have a look back through all of our creative challenges and try something online?


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What does your Virtual School believe that ARTS (music, dance, drama, art, literature, digital, etc) and CULTURE (museums, libraries, historic places of interest etc) offer your young people?

Engaging in the arts can provide a therapeutic medium for creative self expression where young people can feel safe and explore their feelings and past experiences. The arts can give our young people the chance to experience different opportunities and have lots of fun learning along the way.

Describe / list your Virtual School’s local arts and cultural offer

Please describe any particularly effecti​ve or successful partnerships and projects that you currently have/previously have had.

All the Artslink offers have been made available to all of our children looked after.  The Give it a Go events have been very well received especially the Theatre workshop days enabling the carers and siblings to all participate and enjoy.

What local arts events or venues are you personally looking forward to visiting once they open after the latest lockdown?

Warwick Arts Centre - an absolute must!


Young People: please make sure you stay physically safe when doing any of the activities, and check with an

adult before starting, as Artslink can't accept liability for any damage to yourself or property!

Young People and key adults: please be aware of the importance of e-safety.

We strongly recommend the Thinkuknow e-safety website.