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Meet our latest featured artists and have a go at the creative challenges. We've grouped the activities into different levels:

  • Sensory - Play and activities ideal for early years, and also may be suitable for those special educational needs & disabilities.

  • Give It A Go - Introduction to an artform or discipline. Basic skills and understanding.

  • Make & Create - Developing deeper understanding of/confidence or skill in an artform or discipline.

  • Make It Mine - More advanced activities for those who have developed a passion and/or talent for an artform or discipline.

Visit our creative challenges page for all the previous activities activities we've published.

Focus on Theatre and Characters

Dive into the world of theatre, stories, acting and street theatre

Sensory - stories

Explore these wonderful sensory stories Here

Give it a Go - drama games

Have a go at these drama games and activities on Connect and Create Here and warm up with actress Tonia Daley Campbell’s give it a go challenge Here

Make & Create - inside theatre

  • Watch how Royal Shakespeare company create theatre Here and see a rehearsal from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Here and Mathilda Here (YouTube)

  • Explore different types of theatre Here

  • Creating characters is often a part of stories, theatre and acting Here. Hear Vimal Korpal explain how he interviews guests and creates characters for his radio show Here

Make it Mine - deep inside theatre

  • Dip into our Street Festival Tent and see how street theatre artists create their characters and acts. Can you create a character that could be appealing, mysterious and entertaining?

  • Try these great theatre activities from Bubble Theatre (click the image to download the pdf).

  • Listen to actor Bill Mitchell from the fabulous Kneehigh Theatre company talk about a new piece of theatre he is creating Here (YouTube)


Have a look through the varied roles and career pathways in theatre on our Career Pathways page.


Children & Young People: please make sure you stay physically safe when doing any of the activities, and check with an adult before starting, as Artslink can't accept liability for any damage to yourself or property!

Children & Young People and key adults: please be aware of the importance of e-safety.

We strongly recommend the Thinkuknow e-safety website.

Artslink is a programme by West Midlands Virtual Schools, co-funded by Arts Connect. It aims to ensure that

all care experienced children & young people are able to access high-quality arts & cultural experiences and activities.

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